Downton Abbey meets the Walking Dead meets unknown

In a post-apocalyptic bunker, a group of survivors prepare a lavish meal: roasted goose, steamed asparagus, linen tablecloths, crystal wine glasses, fresh flowers…the whole nine yards. The guests of honor, a family of four, arrive and are ushered through a crowd of zombies scrummaging to get in. A hush falls over them as they settle at the table. They begin to grow. Very large. The young girl, now five times her normal size, raises her head, opens her red eyes and snarls her sharp canine teeth. The dining room erupts with fear-filled screams as the servants scatter. Which is better: an unknown terror at the hands of their guests or the threat of being eaten alive by zombies on the outside.


About sweetdreamscrazy

I'm a spectacular generalist. I sail, ski, take photos, adore animals, write (more than just nonsense), can ramble on and on about whisky, read comics, paint and sit around and do nothing. More will be added to this list. Including people. I'm slowly overcoming my fear behind the lens.
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