This dream’s a bit disturbing, but I can’t seem to get it out of my mind.

I’m in a large building during a fire alarm. Crowds filter out but I lag behind, struggling to pull my necessities together (computer, phone, wallet, etc.). The initial commotion dissipates as I make my way to the first floor. I see a half-dozen victims being carted off on ambulance stretchers with identical burns of stars across their foreheads.

As part of a gang initiation, prospective members attacked random victims with headbands laced with acid. The attackers escaped.


About sweetdreamscrazy

I'm a spectacular generalist. I sail, ski, take photos, adore animals, write (more than just nonsense), can ramble on and on about whisky, read comics, paint and sit around and do nothing. More will be added to this list. Including people. I'm slowly overcoming my fear behind the lens.
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