and now for something not so completely different

Here’s a new addition: Daydreams!

Along with this penchant for weird-as-poop, sleepy dreams, comes equally odd daydreams. While riding the train yesterday afternoon, I realized this could be something else “fun” to introduce to teh tubes. So, here goes nothing…

This story involves some reality (cuz, ya know, I am partially awake), but mostly lots of kooky mind tricks. If you haven’t already guessed, I’ve got issues with anxiety. I was standing in a mostly empty subway car. A man sits across from a young girl (I assume they’re related) who’s intently playing a game on her phone. The man gets up, doesn’t address the girl, puts his backpack on the seat and walks over to a map halfway down the train. He reads the sign through 4 stops (equivalent of about 5 minutes), never looking up once. Neither does she, for that matter.

Here’s where the anxious, spiraling mind kicks in: what if a stranger tries to snatch his backpack? What if someone tries to snatch the girl? What if the man gets off at the next stop, leaving the girl and his backpack behind (has he filled the backpack with necessities for her to get along without him?)? What would I do if any of the above happens? Thoughts of me confronting this hypothetical robber/abductor fill my mind—I physically try to stop him/her, grabbing their arm, telling them to “STOP” in my sternest Don’t-Mess-With-Anyone-Near-Me voice. S/he pulls out a gun and shoots me in the stomach. Shit. I still don’t have health insurance.

end scene.

Promise to all of my devoted readers (all 3 of you): not all of my daydreams are this anxious. Some involve celebrity chefs. Some involve unicorns. And yes, some involve rabbits.


About sweetdreamscrazy

I'm a spectacular generalist. I sail, ski, take photos, adore animals, write (more than just nonsense), can ramble on and on about whisky, read comics, paint and sit around and do nothing. More will be added to this list. Including people. I'm slowly overcoming my fear behind the lens.
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